Sal Nurrito has just released his new Album "The Story so Close".

A summary of his creative work from the last 7 years including the new single "Rain" - a romantic song not just for Rainy Days.

This Album is a Mix between Soulful Ballads such as "Coming Home Tonight", "Share the love around the world" and "Fly away with me". Melodic midtempo Songs "Floating Into Space", "Everlasting Circle" and "Rock'n'Roll Tonight", "Flying High" and "When Evening Comes".


All these different genres are always branded with the unmistakable Sal Nurrito sound. From New Wave-inspired tracks like "Lost in Paradise" or the punky "Coming Back to You"  over to  a rocking "Midnight Tango" and the Dance Song "Tutta la notte".  So many different styles to choose!

The whole Album is characterised by Sal Nurrito's warm and charismatic voice, driving basslines, crispy guitars, dreamy keyboards and groovy drums.

With "Where do we go from here" and the Ballad "A Better Place", two Anti-War Protest Songs are also included.

Sal Nurrito is a Swiss musician with Italian roots.

He is a singer / songwriter, guitarist, bassist and producer. 
Influenced by the 70's & 80's  from Artists like The Rolling Stones, Simple Minds, Chris Norman (Smokie), Blondie, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Cult, The Cure, Billy Idol and many more, Sal Nurrito melts all these elements together to create his own music style.


Crispy Guitar riffs, driving Basslines, dreamy Synths and groovy Drum Beats alternate with powerful Poprock Songs and soulful Ballads. His signature Vocals and catchy Melodies are intended to create positive Feelings and touch listeners from Soul to Soul. 

At the age of 16 Sal Nurrito began to play guitar.

Then he joined his first Band THE SLACKS. They covered Songs by their Music Heroes and already started to write their own Songs. 

Later on Sal became a Bass player and Background Vocalist and played with CINNAMON. In 1992 they released the EP "Eat it" and toured as support act with THE SWEET in Europe. 


Sal Nurrito has joined new rock band JODYACS. 

They successfully released the Album "Woman" and toured as support act with SIMPLE MINDS. where they played on Music Festivals all over Switzerland.

Sal played Bass in an Italian Band called CAMBIO 

to record their first Album and play some Shows. After that experience he played in various Cover Bands. 

Sal  Nurrito starts his own Music Project.

He wrote lots of songs and released a demo CD. He formed a band to play some shows, while he was writing new songs and recording more demos for an official album. 

"VOLA VIA CON ME" Sal Nurrito's first official Album was released in 2016 and contains Italian and English Pop/Rock Songs.

Since then Sal Nurrito was very busy and has released 21 Singles, while he now also produces meditation music with his New Age project "SALLEY". ​