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Sal loves all kinds of music. When he was a boy, his father would sing Italian songs, loud and proud, in the house, in the car. Sal was always surrounded by music!
That was where it started for him.
Sal Nurrito writes songs, that he produces and record by himself.
These are songs in the styles he love and like to hear. 
They could be rock songs, blues songs, straight up pop songs whatever comes along!
Sal Nurrito says: "It's like an antenna in my soul and all these songs are in the ether, just waiting for that connection, to be absorbed. We are catalysts too.
All our influences are channeled into what comes out in the end.
In my music you can hear mine, I carry them proudly. 
I hope you enjoy them."
Sal Nurrito grew up near Zurich. The first guitar he strummed belonged to his younger sister.
He then graduated to an electric guitar playing in a school band and then to the Bass Guitar and played in a hard rock Band named "Cinnamon" . They played all over Switzerland, Germany and Austria and shared stages with "The Sweet", Alice Cooper, "Wasp" and the German rock lady Doro Pesch.

His next band "Jodyacs" recorded one album and they shared stages with Simple Minds, Krokus and Chris Norman and others.

In 2016 Sal Nurrito decided to record his debut album “Vola Via Con Me” including Italian and english songs. Since then he released lots of Singles. 
These days he writes together with his friend UK based lyricist Laurence Shepstone.
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